PMX GOLD 18″ Mono Metal Detector Coil (45cm Monoloop)

PMX Gold 18 inch / 45cm Mono Search Coil


Greater depth and more ground coverage than the 11″ Mono. The PMX Gold 18″ mono search coil for the PMX Gold and Minelab GPX, GP, SD series has a great blend of stability, depth and sensitivity and is very stable in all ground types. This coil will provide a smooth threshold in all soil types. The 18″ mono coil is a brilliant coil for almost any situation. Deeper seeking coil compared to 18″ DD.

Package Included : 18″ Mono Search Coil and Coil Cover.

Note: Compatible with all Minelab SD/GP and GPX detectors.

Coil Features

Brand Pimax Metal Detectors
Size 45cm / 18″
Configuration Monoloop (MONO)
Cover Yes
Weight 1050g (2.3 lbs)
Compatibility PMX Gold, Minelab GPX, GP and SD series metal detectors
Color White
Equivalent Can be used instead of Minelab 18-inch Mono Commander Coil